Lowering Rates On The Individual Market

Thanks to reforms championed by Drew Christensen, double-digit premium increases have come to a stop for those who buy their insurance on the individual market. In fact, rates are expected to actually decrease for next year’s premiums.

Combating Surprise Billing

Out-of-network costs can cost patients thousands of dollars, and many Minnesotans had no idea they were on the hook to pay for these costs until after their procedures. Thanks to Drew Christensen, surprise billing is a thing of the past and patients must be informed of out-of-network costs before any procedure.

More Choices, Better Access to Care

Before 2018, residents in 62 out of Minnesota’s 87 counties only had one insurance plan with a few choices of what doctor they can see, but a new law supported by Drew Christensen has changed that by requiring every plan to offer a choice of at least two different health care providers.



Working in the Classroom

Drew Christensen dedicates his time to educating our children as a substitute teacher. He fights for our kids at the Capitol and in the classroom.

Getting Our Schools Their Fair Share

As a substitute teacher, Drew Christensen has seen firsthand how education money has been unfairly distributed. In the legislature, Drew fights to ensure that our schools get their fair share of education funding.



Protecting Our Most Vulnerable

Drew Christensen is looking out for the most vulnerable Minnesotans by passing new laws to protect seniors and vulnerable adults living in long term care facilities from abuse and exploitation. This includes more resources and accountability for the agency charged with oversight for these facilities.

Supporting Mental Health Needs in Our Own Backyard

When the federal government cut funding to programs helping children struggling with mental health issues, Drew Christensen stepped up and voted to fully fund these programs so that every child who needs help gets help. He also worked with both Democrats and Republicans to secure funding for a mental health crisis center right on the Burnsville/Savage border.



Drew coauthored millions in tax relief for students, teachers, parents, and middle class families. When re-elected, he will fight to let Minnesotans keep more of their hard-earned paychecks.



Drew fought for, and secured, the largest investment in roads and bridges in the history of Minnesota WITHOUT raising taxes. When re-elected, Drew will continue to prioritize lanes before costly, inefficient trains.

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